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Lightning protection services

As a leading specialist company in full lightning protection market, we offer comprehensive, customised solutions for any phase of the project, including the following services:

  • A project design that provides solutions for full protection against lightning, is the most suited to your needs and is in accordance with the legislation in force.
  • Installation of the complete lightning protection system, carried out by internal, expert personnel, thus ensuring that the installation is performed in accordance with the quality standards set out by INGESCO.
  • Revision and control: We evaluate all the components, equipment and materials of the lightning protection installation to verify that it functions correctly.
  • Inspection by the QUIBAC Inspection Institution. This is an impartial organisation accredited by ENAC and equipped with all the instruments required to apply approved quality evaluation methods and procedures. It is also authorised to issue reports and certificates in accordance with current legislation and which are recognised and accepted nationally and internationally.
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