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☆  GST200N Series Panel contains 1 loop version GST200N-1, 2 loops version GST 200N-2 and severail other language variant models. 1 loop model can be extended to 2 loops by using an additional loop card (LC200).
☆  Maximum loop capacity 477 intelligent devices (1 loop model loop capacity is 235 intelligent devices )
☆  Wide range power supply
☆  Multiple language options
☆  30 logical configurable zones
☆  PAS and Acknowledge Function
☆  Dirty Detector Reporting
☆  Walk Test Function
☆  Graphical LCD Display
☆  Zone indication and manual intervention panel
☆  Net-workable
☆  Programmable from PC
☆  Built-in RS485 repeater output (Maximum 10 repeaters)
☆  Optional GMC graphic station
☆  Optional Panel Printer
☆  Advanced user friendly programming software including ‘Fuzzy Logic’
☆  Optional protection of re-programming
☆  Approved by LPCB

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