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Durmason type ESE5000 satellite lightning rod early discharge lightning rod

I. Introduction

ESE early discharge lightning rod is the leading lightning protection quality product in the world. It conforms to the international electrician (IEC) lightning protection specification and conforms to the national standard GB50057-94 “Building Lightning Protection Design Code”. Installed and used 2 million sets in China to effectively implement lightning protection measures.
Second, the working principle.

When the lightning cloud layer is formed, an electric field (atmosphere) is generated between the cloud layer and the ground, and the electric field strength can reach 5 kV/m. Thereby, corona discharge starts to appear on the raised portion of the floor or on the metal member.

When a downward pilot is formed inside the lightning cloud, lightning strikes begin. The downstream pilot charge moves to the ground in a stepped manner. The charge carried by the downstream pilot causes the ground to establish an electric field.

An upward leader is created from a building or object on the ground. This upstream direction is transmitted until it meets with the downstream leader. At this point, lightning current flows through the formed channel. Other buildings on the ground may generate several upstream pilots. The first upstream pilot that meets the down pilot determines the location of the lightning strike. The “satellite” brand early discharge lightning rod works by generating a faster upstream lead than an ordinary lightning rod.

Note: This description only describes the negative lightning strikes in the negative direction, which is the only application example of the electrical-geometric model. So far, such lightning strikes have occurred most often.

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